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Sports 101- Most Hated Professional Athletes Today

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Sports 101- Most Hated Professional Athletes Today

The sports industry surely has its fair share of drama and theatrics. While most superstar athletes are being described as super heroes, lead actors and any positive characters that can be easily embedded into such sporting idols, there are those who have made some noise in such industry in a much different way and had built their careers being the villains in the eyes of fans and other sport colleagues. With this being mentioned, this might be the right moment to give the spotlight to those professional athletes who garnered hatred rather than love by many sports fanatic and enthusiasts during the course of year 2013.

Famous cyclist Lance Armstrong has certainly top the charts for the most dislike athlete of 2013. Early this year, the famous American athlete has open up his side on the drug allegations that has been hunting him for many years now in one particular TV show in America. During his interview, he has claimed such allegations and confirmed that during his historical seven consecutive Tour de France title run, he had used an illegal substance that made him a bit super human in state. Such confirmation has not only jeopardized his career but it has also been the main reason for being hated by many. Before he had his confession, Lance Armstrong was once held as a role model since he has been a living proof that cancer can be cured.

Alongside Lance Armstrong in this very interesting list is Metta World Peace of the New York Knicks. Formerly known as Ron Artest, Metta World Peace started his basketball villain career in a brawl few years back against the fans and players of the Detroit Pistons. At that time, World Peace was still playing for the Indiana Pacers. With that particular incident alone, the number of hate that Metta World Peace has garnered over the past few years has yet still diminished up until today. Though he has been showing some changes in character in the past few years, many still believed that bad habits are hard to forget.

Alex Rodriguez, from the ever famous baseball team New York Yankees, is also included in the most hated athlete list of 2013. While Alex, or also known as A-Rod, helped the Yankees to win a couple of World Series trophies, it does not change the fact that many dislikes him because of his involvement to drugs and biogenesis scandal. Apart from that, there are other little tweaks and turns of A-Rod’s career that made him a public enemy quite some time now. Whatever A-Rod has done to angry the society and baseball fanatics, it is surely taking its toll to his star-studded career.

These three famous athletes are living proofs that not all superstars have good characters. There are times where the bad side of the players exceeds their good images which made them more famous than others.

2013-12-18 Sports 101- Most Hated Professional Athletes Today